The Rock, Kalamitsi, Chalkidiki

Once upon a time, there was a pretty mermaid called AnaMer-FanTasia! She was born in the Olympic Beach under the eyes of the Gods, she has long golden hair and she is living in the water of the Aegean archiPelago, from the Cretan Sea to the Macedonian-Thracian coasts.

 Long ago, an old, wise whale told her that one day she will live on the ground because of  Love...
She could never imagine a power, so strong enough, to make her live out of the water!
Till now, she is looking for Love alone, in every island and coast she can reach.
She likes to swim like all the mermaids, but from the other side she is ready to meet Love and change her life!
The only clue she got: Love will come in the face of the Man!

Special thanks to calcm1 for using his Mermaid - Aquatia model. I just made the hair longer!

Ναός της Ίσιδος, Δήλος-Temple of Isis, Delos

Call Thesmophorus, spermatic God [Dionysos], of various names, who bears the leafy rod:
Mises [Misa], ineffable, pure, sacred queen, two-fold Iacchus, male and female seen:
Illustr'ous, whether to rejoice is thine in incense offer'd, in the fane divine;
Or if in Phrygia most thy soul delights, performing with thy mother sacred rites;
Or if the land of Cyprus is thy care, well pleas'd to dwell with Cytherea [Kythereia] fair;
Or if exulting in the fertile plains with thy dark mother ISIS, where she reigns,
With nurses pure attended, near the flood of sacred Egypt, thy divine abode:
Wherever resident, blest pow'r attend, and with benignant mind these labours end.


Little chapel on the road to Halkidiki

In the beginning, there was a little chapel on the road to Halkidiki...

This was my first model in the 3D warehouse! It was uploaded on August 11, 2009 
and it included some 3d plants from the warehouse, like rosespalms and a tree
That was the reason why it was not accepted in Google Earth:

Too much geometry. "Geometry" refers to the faces (polygons) in a model. 
The model you submitted contains too many faces for it to be included in Google Earth. 
We recommend reducing the number of faces in your model and re-uploading.

I didn't mind because I thought that it was an unimportant and small model and 
I prefered it rather with the 3d plants, than with the "flat-crossed-png" ones! 

So, I went on to make more important buildings and there beginns my 3Dwarehouse story!

Agia Sofia in my birthcity, Thessaloniki, was my first accepted model!

As the first good critics came, I started to realize that I may make nice models!

Every new model i did, brought me more good critics and criticers and I started to become known to the community.

The highlight was Arkadi, where I got the best and most comments very quickly.

Now, after 1,5 year, I might have a small amount of models, but they are all have been 
rated from you, leaving me your best critics! Some of you rated all my models at once! 
Each time I upload a new model, I have at least 5 rates in the first couple of hours!
Maybe this doesn't mean anything to somebodies, but to me it means a lot!

You are from all over the world and you meet in my models in the 3D warehouse!

Your support gives me the power for more strange and nice models!

So, today, I deceided to re-upload my first ever model without 3d plants and 

ready for Google Earth! It doesn't matter if it is a tiny, common, unimportant
and unknown little chapel (ekklisaki), it's important to me!
Let me introduce myself:

My name is Mano Pan. Papanikolaou, I make comics 

and I live close to Metohi Ag. Anastasias in Epanomi
just behind that little chapel on the road to Halkidiki...

Thanks and nice to meet you ALL: 

Damo, egobarro, Vahe Armenia, Ciprian Nutescu, César M. Ardidgineste
ARTExplorer, Aerilius, Chigirinsky, Denoall, Radmilo, Manolo, TANG, St.Pall
Eugeni Llopart, José ManuelEloi Raiol 12 9, zexland, guitardemon,  Gllerimo, Tango
TANTUNNY,  Alessandro Marco FUSCOAntonino G. (Antonino Grasso Cristaudo)
przygod, FERI, dirdir, meskalito, 3DCitéTobias MerkEng.Ben-HurSnowTiger
mariogiudiciAndreas TrunkAuquicuAthinaiosder UhlenbuschRubic
KangaroOzGicaJonathan GreenSebastian Sosnowskibdhychi-kojjasper123
PoluyanNCTrevorOnOPaoloFragomeni, Rumex,  NESUAJ.A.Alvarezwysywyg,  
Jimmy5353TrasancosJSaudtomcioZGwoutergipuzkoa3dYeshua Yames
Young-ModZippostefanstdzelovovkaMartin KoberSrbijanacGhaleb Fawzi
doktorphloxrosarigasinoNilsW, matthiasbasler,  KonZawadSchulzeModeloscecco
Brian OlsonNicolas MZoungyscotchyTomek Szczepanek and Arrigo Silva!
(I hope I didn't forget anybody, it took me hours to collect your names and sites, 
starting from the first till the latest critics!)

Also, I want to thank SketchUp Guide Tommy, who includes every new model I upload, 

into the Nominees collection!

And of course, a very special Thanks to my fairyLove Anastasia,  

exclusive rater of my models and inclusive holder of my heart!

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