The Rock, Kalamitsi, Chalkidiki

Once upon a time, there was a pretty mermaid called AnaMer-FanTasia! She was born in the Olympic Beach under the eyes of the Gods, she has long golden hair and she is living in the water of the Aegean archiPelago, from the Cretan Sea to the Macedonian-Thracian coasts.

 Long ago, an old, wise whale told her that one day she will live on the ground because of  Love...
She could never imagine a power, so strong enough, to make her live out of the water!
Till now, she is looking for Love alone, in every island and coast she can reach.
She likes to swim like all the mermaids, but from the other side she is ready to meet Love and change her life!
The only clue she got: Love will come in the face of the Man!

Special thanks to calcm1 for using his Mermaid - Aquatia model. I just made the hair longer!

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